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What folks are saying about.... 

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Eagle H.

Facilities Manager

"This may sound corny, but this program changed my life and set me on a new trajectory, and I have heard this story countless times from other leaders in our organization that have gone through the program."


Kenneth F.

Director of Sales 

Aerospace & Defence

"Through this program employees begin to understand the big picture.

It's no longer US (employees) and THEM (sr. management). The company becomes a team working towards common goals at

all levels"


Nicole C. 

VP Fabrication

This program is more than learning about leadership tools. It is also about self-discovery - nurturing and refining who I am at the core. - to be a better person (for myself) and a better leader. 


Sara D. 

Project Manager

The self-awareness gained from this program is beyond measure. It puts you on a whole new level and positively impacts every asapect of your life. You wake up every day prepared to be present in all of life's tasks. 

What graduates are saying about.... 

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Uneka J. 

This program taught me about different learning styles and how to better control my interactions.  It also taught me you cannot approach everyone in the same way. It taught me how to better understand myself and my direct reports. 

Gerard D.

Good tools taught for everyday experiences at home and at work. Evolve helped me get out of my comfort zone and improve/learn skills.


Serman V

This course was great!
Really made me reflect and process what changes I needed to make to become a more effective manager.


Carlos D. 

The Evolve class is an awesome tool for management

Eric W.

Great class! I have been in a supervisor role for many years and still learned a lot. 

Graeson B. 

The class and teacher were both great. Overall it was a great experience!  

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