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This progam is an enlightening journey that goes beyond any expectations. I am a better and stronger leader—and person —today because of this program!

Hilary Pickerel, Workforce Development Manager

This is not your usual leadership training. This is sure to be one of the most liberating experiences of your professional career.

Robert Ekse, Director of Operations 

The Structure:

  • 15 - 20 Participants  

  • Six months

  • Bi-Weekly on-site Classes

  • Bi-Weekly Leadership Coaching Sessions

  • 360 Degree Assessment

  • Four Off-sites

The Results: 

  • Keep your talent: Organizations report a 95% drop in the rate of attrition among leaders who complete the program. 

  • Keep it together: 100% of organizations and participants say the program reduces silos and improves relations between department and business units. 

  • Keep growing: 70% of supervisors report that their people grew from managers into leaders (some were leaders already). 

  • Keep the peace: 100% of graduates are more confident in their ability to lead crucial conversations and resolve conflicts effectively. 

  • Keep calm: 100% of participants say the program teaches them to reduce their stress—at work and at home. 

  • Keep it real: 82% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that understanding their unintended impact on those around them was life-changing.

EIL Graduates
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How it Works:


Your organization's decision-makers select high potential leaders (ideally from various levels in the organization). Together they undertake a comprehensive, rigorous six-month program. The program includes four Intensives, which are three-day off-site seminars. On alternating weeks the leaders either attend a one-hour in-person Leadership Skills Class or work one-on-one with their Executive Coach. Included in the program is a Leadership Strengths Assessment, a 360 Degree Leadership Evaluation, a weekly Leading in Action assignment which supports the leaders in applying and practicing their new skills. EIL concludes with a graduation ceremony where each leader presents their individual Capstone Project. 


Curriculum Includes:


  • Identifying the strengths and drawbacks of each participant's unique leadership style

  • Leveraging the power of feedback for organizational health

  • Learning and utilizing emotional intelligence

  • Building, rebuilding, and leveraging trust

  • Fostering healthy levels of dissent and debate

  • Reversing "Us and Them" factions

  • Understanding and managing one's own impact as a leader

  • Setting expectations and holding accountability

  • Using courageous communication 

  • Building and leading high-performing teams

  • Becoming happier, more alive human beings to lead your organization!

Ready to get started?

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