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- a positive approach

Our Approach

Our goal is not just to solve the current dispute.

Many great consultants offer mediation—a structured approach to finding resolution in a particular dispute, with the goal of negotiating a settlement. However, mediation is often a short-term fix. If the relationship is ongoing, you may end up playing a game of whack-a-mole. One dispute may be settled, but another pops up right behind it.


At Teamworks we help individuals and teams create lasting alignment


How we do it


Our team meets one-on-one with those directly and indirectly involved. We listen deeply to understand each person's unique perspective. After we have a picture of the dynamics, we propose a path forward. 


We resist the temptation to strike a simple compromise. We hold out for deep mutual understanding. In fact, our highest goal is NOT to make the presenting argument disappear, but rather to work in and through the conflict to create the best possible outcomes for all concerned: a collaborative win/win resolution. Only when we dialogue with creativity, candor, and compassion can we use conflict to create deeper, stronger relationships and long-term peace.

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Looking for support in resolving a conflict? 

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