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It's time to bring your
team back

Now you can reconnect, redesign, rediscover the strengths of your team. 

You aren't the same team that you were pre-pandemic, because you aren't the same people. All of our lives (including our work-lives) are different  - perhaps better in some ways - but certainly different. Team Development includes:

  • Identifying and incorporating the unexpected benefits of the pandemic.

  • Mitigating the ongoing challenges to team effectiveness

  • Getting the culture right: drafting new team agreements 

  • Looking ahead together: forging a new shared vision

Our retreats are built to meet your needs and goals. They range from a brief 1/2 day workshop to two-day retreats. Either format can be designed in conjunction with your operational meetings. 

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Your Happiness

and Your Team

If you think you can live stressed-out and anxious, while effectively leading your team, you're wrong. Every team reflects their leader's emotional life. One avenue to creating a more functional, productive, and engaged team is by attending to YOUR OWN happiness. 

Our executive coaching focuses on the well-being of the leader. When you get that right, everybody wins.

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Team Meeting

Team Strength 


Your first responsibility as a team leader is to bring out the best in your people. Yet every team has qualities that support productivity and effectiveness, and every team has qualities that get in the way. Take our free online assessment to get a helpful overview of your team's gifts and gaps. 

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