Putting the team in Teamwork

The members of my executive team had known one another for many years. Yet after working with TeamWorks we understand one another far better. We have new tools for addressing our differences. We trust one another more, and we are having more fun these days.


Phil Santori, CEO

Vineyard Mangement   

Program for Teams workshops and retreats are carefully designed to create higher levels of collaboration and productivity while building a better understanding of self and one another. Program for Teams supports healthy cooperation for Board of Directors, Senior Leaders, and ad hoc groups created from different levels of your organization. Program for Teams focuses on:


  • Understanding and avoiding "Us and Theming" 

  • Learning how to resolve conflict through positive collaboration

  • Becoming aware of one's impact on others

  • Building (and rebuilding) trust

  • Collaborating and cooperating

  • Listening and communicating

  • Asking for help

  • Aligning one's personal values with those of the organization


Program for Teams, is a three month program that kicks off with a half day, offisite workshop, to lay the foundations of the program and begin to develop relationships.

Onsite, 90 minute classes are held bi-weekly for a determined number of weeks, to  expand the established foundation and integrate learning.

The program culminates with a final half day, offsite retreat, for team members to create their own team agreements, break bread, and celebrate together! 



To explore if our Program for Teams is right for your organization, email us to schedule a consultation. 

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