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for managers 

a brief, self awareness-based 

management training program

dramatically improving the effectiveness

of managers at all levels. 

The Program: 

  • 15-20 Managers 

  • Nine Weeks

  • 15 hours total

       Two half-day workshops (kick-off and graduation)

       Seven weekly 90-minute classes

  • Homework assignments, practicing that week's 'big idea'

  • Leadership Assessment 

  • Workbook

  • Weekly video podcasts 

  • Minimal cost per manager

Why is Self-Awareness Important for Managers?

Most of us became managers because we were successful at doing something else (our craft, trade, or skill). We learned how to manage people by observing how our bosses and their bosses managed people, often with mixed results.  

Fortunately, much research over the last fifty years has taken the guesswork out of managing people. We know the skills that are required to be effective, and it's a common-sense list. Managers need to know how to communicate, plan, organize, set expectations, hold accountability, articulate a vision, and resolve conflict

Sounds easy enough. 

But it's not.


The prevalence of poor performing managers in all industries is proof that something more than the transfer of knowledge is required to become successful. Anyone can learn best practices, but if he/she lacks self-awareness, the results will always be disappointing. Even the simplest task can become a minefield for the manager who lacks self-awareness. 

In evolve for managers, we start by working with each manager to understand their own values, triggers, thoughts, and emotions, as well as the impact they have one those around them. With this self-awareness as the foundation, the skills required to become a great manager are easily acquired and practiced.

Ready to get started?

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