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Team Development

Emerging from the Pandemic Together

Your team has been through a lot, but often disconnected from one another. Over the past year, all of us have experienced unexpected gifts and deeply painful losses.


  • Some may have reconnected with their own families by being locked down together.

  • Others were painfully separated by the same lockdown.

  • Introverts loved working remotely.

  • Extroverts craved human interaction.

  • Some sacrificed by going into work.

  • Others sacrificed by learning to do it all remotely. 

  • Some don't want it to end at all!


No two of us have the same pandemic story.


As you turn your attention to a bright COVID-free future, you might want to rip off that mask and pretend the whole horrible mess never happened, yet honoring what your team has been through will be an important step in reemerging and reestablishing those essential connections.

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