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Hi there, and welcome!


I'm Lydia Richards, the President and CEO of TeamWorks.


When I started in business "back in the day", companies could create success through command and control leadership. Generally, employees did what they were told and swapped eight hours for a paycheck. Efficiency and productivity weren't great, but the system was good enough. Those days are gone.   


Today, the demands of the marketplace simply cannot be reached with marginally engaged employees. Organizations must bring out the very best in their people if they are to remain competitive. Today, leaders need to know how to inspire and motivate. Teams need to know how to cooperate and collaborate. Today, employees need to bring their "A Game."   


Getting folks to bring their "A Game" is the first task of a leader. That's why we're here. We teach leaders to inspire, motivate, engage, and foster collaboration. At TeamWorks, our job is to uncover the natural brilliance in leaders and in those they lead.  


We'd love to show you how we do it. 




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